Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Beauty secrets from within_ How to find that special you

If you're sexy and you know it clap your hands.Can't find your inner beauty?  I'll tell you how and where to find it. A woman's inner beauty exceeds her outer beauty by leaps and bounds you just have to look where the heart speaks and the soul creeps, listen to that inner being that keeps talking to you  then pull the true you out of there once and for all. In order to do this you must first learn to let your inner and outer beauty work together as one. 90 percent of all women feel unattractive at some point, those are staggering numbers once added into the equation. So no matter what you may have been told in the past by your peers, by an ex or whoever, there's always one important thing to remember and that's every woman has a distinct beauty about her( including you) and that beauty can only shine through if you're willing to sacrifice your inner self vanity.

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